Libraries and Degrowth

Edgardo Civallero

Independent LIS Professional, Madrid, Spain.

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Sustainability has been a concept included for some years now in IFLA’s declarations, policies and activities. However, environmentalism has gone beyond this concept and has started working on new areas and ideas, including degrowth: downscaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being and enhances ecological conditions.

Librarians are not familiar with this term and its meaning. In a society that is reaching (or has already reached) the biophysical limits of the planet, it’s urgent that this kind of concepts are widely known and discussed. This paper intends to bring „degrowth“ to the LIS arena.

Keywords: Degrowth, Sustainability, Green development, environmental crises, libraries.


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Edgardo Civallero has a degree in Library and Information Sciences. He has specialized in library services for indigenous peoples and minority groups, oral tradition, endangered sounds (languages ​​and music), and knowledge classification. He is a researcher on issues related to libraries and decolonization, libraries and degrowth/sustainability, critical/social/progressive librarianship, open access and non-European history of the book. He currently works as an independent librarian and information consultant, and he serves as a member of IFLA’s Standing Committee of the Indigenous Matters Section.